Wednesday, October 27, 2004

finally there was OT for booking at work today.. because all the mail from the public in response towards the price adjustment has suddenly arrived. u noe those singpost big brown bags? 6 of them arrived, fully filled! arghh.. since the public wants us to earn money, we earn lor.. :P so tomorrow, i'll be working 8-9, friday have jap so cannot OT, on saturday i'll be collecting my passport then go work.. and sunday also working 8-9pm.. no more life! but i figured, its my last few weeks, earn lotsa money so that can tide over next month without income lor..

am playing lotsa dynasty warrior on my ps2 nowadays.. figured i prolly can't bring it to japan due to the constraint on pirated games and the difference in the voltage and all that as well..

I'm still struggling in my translation!! help me somebody!!


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