Tuesday, October 26, 2004

sheesh.. i'm getting lazy.. i've never blogged so irregularly before.. blog one day skip 2 days.. * so ashamed of myself!*

anyway.. I'm having an off day today.. after much struggling, I finally managed to finish my first capcom essay assignment last night HALFWAY,. sianz.. and I only finished the English portion.. I could barely fill a A4 page on the title "My Favourite Games", cause I don't know the style of writing to use. What if I try to be humourous but they can't catch it? I can barely understand the English emails they send me.. argh.. and now i still have to translate my essay into Japanese.. hopefully it will be longer..

I found a map of where i'll be working..
that's in osaka..

yesterday was ok at work.. cos i did faxes more than i answered calls.. there were tons of faxes.. and once again, the company manages to prove its inefficiency by failing to write clearly the price increase for value package holders and these people bombarded us when we call them to inform them that they're not eligible for the discount. Telling people that they are "Not Eligible" for something is a very tricky issue. the moment u tell them that, they somehow feel insulted and start to hurl abuse at u before u can actually go on to tell them that there is only minimal difference in price in the package they holding now.. at least faxes can't yell at you..

after work.. my clique of colleagues went out for dinner at holland, the famous XO fish beehoon. it was not bad.. i didn't go out with them last week at all.. cos arnie drives and he's nice enuff to send us home after that despite living in bedok.. they're partly the reason why i didn't take up the offer to work in Agilent.. even though they were offering $2.1k to break my contract..


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