Thursday, October 28, 2004

i went phuture last nite! partly to spite my parents actually.. it was originally a ktv outing, i wanted to borrow the car so that i could be home by 12.. but since they refused to let me drive, i stayed out late and went drinking anyway, something i wouldn't have done if i had been driving.

we stayed out til 3+ and i had work at 8am today.. when i woke up today, my eyes were all bloodshot and i dunno how i managed to drag myself to work on time. at work surprisingly, the lethargy lifted and i didn't feel tired at all despite the long hours (8am-9pm). very unlike me.

turns out have to submit copy of my passport and everything next tues to the capcom people.. luckily i went to make the new one le..

wonder where ray went to.. been trying to get him the whole week.. he didn't reply emails, sms-es, his phone isn't even on.. i hope he's alright..


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