Monday, November 01, 2004

finally off day tomorrow.. today me and ed were discussing how the day seemed really short after so many full days.. the normal 8.5 hours passed in a flash! i couldn't get up in the morning.. had to drag myself out of bed.. but i earned so much in this one short week of OT! but the only upside of doing OT was doing it all together with the rest of the team.. if we were doing alone.. there's not much point and not much fun also.. but i'm so tired.. hmm.. didn't know i actually have the discipline to get up at 6.30am every morning to go work..

today my colleague was going on about how i should drink more of the herbal soup cos i won't get to drink it in Japan.. my mom said the same thing the other day.. we were eating bbq stingray and she said eat more else japan cannot get to eat le.. haiz.. need to remind me meh? i noe i'll be alone for new year and all that oso.. trying not to think about it at all..


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