Wednesday, November 03, 2004

dead beat. but money is really the main driving force behind this madness of booking OT to go to work at 8am every morning until 9pm at nite.. besides the fact that i wan to have my desk and not let other people sit there.. a little selfish.. but i'm making my own efforts to go there earli to work.. and when i work, i work..

due to lack of sleep i supposed, today felt very lethargic and heavy-headed at work.. couldn' realli concentrate or perform at my usual speed.. very sleepy now also.. hah.. i've actually calculated my OT, i'll earn in total with my basic pay bout 1.6k for the first half of the month if i can persist! didn't noe i could earn so much.. even more incentive to work more.. b4 i hafta leave..


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