Friday, November 26, 2004

i must admit i've been too lazy to blog..

i wanted to say i hate guys yesterday, but it was a bit too extreme after i thought things through and that i would have to add on that i hate guys but not A, B, C, D etc etc.. so generally would end up contradicting myself on the stand that i hate guys.

went to sitex today.. had my first taste of being caught in a heavy downpour while on a bike. motor bike. hee.. it was quite fun.. but not fun to stop and then feeling my jeans drenched.. my mNG jacket proved to be water resistant and i was top-dry and luckily my nike bag oso blocked my underwear from getting wet at all. :P in the end, lucki adrian lives in the east, so he drove us to his place and he gave me his ex-gf's jeans to change into. it was very cute, with cow prints on the back pockets..
after that splurged on sitex.. bought the ext dvd rwter for japan, managed to get it at 206.. still abit high actualli.. haiz.. and oso the iomega 256mb thumbdrive for $49. :) still have the 80GB hdd ext to buy, dunno if i should get the iomega one, its at $179. abit big.. but everything is still within the $400 budget i set for all these things. need to put money back into the ocbc acc.. after helping rowie to pay for her digicam when her card was rejected, i actually exceeded my daily limit. Damn.

wanted to watch movie but chris & rowie had bought too many things (speakers, printer, digicam) which made watching movie a hassle. in the end i just walked round sitex after they left.

at nite, i met a rookie cab driver who sent me back. he was on his second day of the job. so basically, he didn't noe his directions at all and i had to direct him most of the way home. late 30s, he was a nice cabbie, and i couldn't help but ask bout why he was driving a cab. seems like he had been out of job for a while so had no choice but to drive a cab. haiz.


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