Saturday, November 20, 2004

today was an extremely accident prone day.. i slammed the door on my finger in the loo, poked a pen into my finger (a g-tech) and kept bumping into things with my knee caps etc.

then the weird things happened after work. when we were eating,i was looking at my fren and i saw his mouth move and he asked me wat time it was. i looked at my watch and told him the time. he looked at me puzzled, and asked me why i told him the time out of the blue. "didn't you just ask me the time?" "no, i didn't say a single word. i was eating.. " !!!! eeeekS!!! then he looked abit shocked when i distinctly said i heard him say it. then he related the scene in The Eye 2 when shu qi heard the ghost ask her for the time at the bus stop when she was all alone and suddenly someone fell in front of her from above (committing suicide) and the bloody body still asking her the time!! YIKES!!! am i too tired or wat?!

then at the cinema, the show was great! but b4 that, another freaky incident. we went in to find that our seats had been taken by other pple. we asked them and they were sure their tix showed the same seat number. took out tix to compare and they realised ay why 2 same seats assigned!? then we realised the dates were diff on theirs. they had been assigned yesterday's tix!! poor them.. they had to go all the way out to see wat was going on. but dun think they got to watch.. it was sold out. MUST WATCH MUST WATCH! funny and exciting and really cool.. ;) i'm toking bout The Incredibles..


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