Thursday, November 18, 2004

its the 16th day straight i've been working. have lost sense of weekends and weekdays and public holidays. everyday is the same, wake up 6.30am, change and rush for the 7am bus. else have to take cab to work.

we all must be losing our sanity at work. our topics have inclined more and more towards sex and sexual innuendoes with the guys toking bout their "weapons" and their "rifles" and smoking "cigars". and beds and water beds and sofas and positions. all very subtly of cos. but all during meal times. of cos they dun neglect other gross topics like shitting. :X once they made me laughed so hard i choked on my drink and my chest hurt for ages after that.. :P but i'm glad for this group of frens. :) makes work much more bearable..


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