Friday, November 26, 2004

today is the suayest day of my life.


kena scolded by 3 diff managers. sTUPID. them, not me. how u expect us to answer calls and handle all the stupid big disputes if u dun allow >5 min wrap up, not ready mode and then scold us for logging in and out? we just trying to save our ass.

knn. lucki i'm leaving. when i come back singapore, i'll earn more money than u and i'll still be younger and more beautiful. KNN.

then super suay, kena all those super big dispute cases. >$1000 mistakes, i can't just do anihow rite? and alot of cases where the CCC nv do wat they supposed to do. and incur wrong discoutns etc. piang. i'm so glad i'm leaving in a few days. SHITTY.


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