Sunday, November 28, 2004

just back from a K-box session with my colleagues.. it was so FUN!! did not realise my team leader was such a crazy guy in the ktv with his moves and funny way of singing.. :P

b4 that we had dinner at marina south.. did not eat that much actualli. abit feel like i wasted money.. but still.. its the company that matters..

was late for work today .. something's wrong with the transport system!! the trains took 11 min to come. ! kaoz. then after that at jurong east, the train i boarded to the east was like stationary for 5 min! do they not realise pple also have to work on Sunday!? in the end had to take a cab in any way. veri veri disgusted.

the call rate hit a record high today. 81 calls waiting for us to answer. my god. what do these pple have to ask about? i nv even call the mobile line unless i realli got something serious.. and i usualli understand the bill. had to explain alot of the same things to people today. different pple, but same type of bills. haiz. the fucked up marketing system and unclear signals and terms they set caused their own downfall of bad customer service. we ourselves get tripped up by our own company, who are we to defenD? ...


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