Sunday, December 05, 2004

JLPT 4 today. was a nitemare. haiz. the listening part passed by in a blur. b4 i could even absorb wat the tape said, it was time for the next question. sobz. veri tough to pass that. the written papers were better. hopefully that will help. was surprised to see TC from our jap class there oso. no wonder he was so attentive/diligent in jap class, to ask the teachers questions after the lessons.. didn't noe he had signed up for the exam oso. spoke to him a little, after that we 3 took train back together but it was kinda awkward, nothing much to tok about after we got onto the bus..

after that ray wanted to buy a shirt for his company's d&d so we went to look ard. bugis had nothing much, so we went to Zara in taka and finally found a nice black top. we wandered ard somemore.. i saw some pretty shoes in URS & Mphosis, but decided against buying as my pay wasn't in yet. anyhow, i've oredi spent alot on tech gadgets this month. MUSt SAVE UP!

am home now.. the stove is spoilt, luckily my mom cooked soup with the crock pot today. pig's stomach. yay..


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