Friday, December 10, 2004

Nua-ing aka slacking at home is something i haven done for a while.

I had thought WJ's off day was today and had told my dad I wasn't going to his office. But... turns out he had checked his timetable wrongly and it was tomorrow instead, decided not to waste the day. Woke up at 12 noon.. been waking up at this time these few days, which actually makes me feel even more tired. Went online, no one seemed to be around. I wanted to go shopping, checked that my pay had actually been deposited. :)

I was supposed to meet Alan, we decided to meet in the evening, so I sat myself in front of the TV and played Dynasty Warriors on PS2 until about 4.30pm. Which was a mistake, cos I was supposed to meet him at 5.30 pm @ Bugis. erh... I waited bout 20 min for the bus OUTSIDE my house, in the end told him to meet me at city hall instead. He was waiting for Esther, so I waited for them for a whole hour. ONE HOUR. haiz. In that hour, on impulse, I decided to buy a present for my mum. Walked past Lee Hwa, and couldn't resist the glittery gems. In half an hour, I came back out with a 0.13 carat pendant and a necklace wrapped up nicely. Affordable still, but was about 10% of my pay. hmm. I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing, this impulse buy. On one hand, I will be gone for quite a while, and this will stop my mom from nagging so much this month, but on the other hand, I will have to cut back on some of the things that I had planned to get for myself. oh well. give and take for some family harmony.

Finally, met up with Alan & Esther, we walked to Cafe Cartel for dinner. Had Hawaiian Pork Chops, it was not that great, quite tough to chew in fact. But it was very filling. we managed to eat for nearly 2 hours, after that we walked around abit of Raffles City until hp came to find me after his work. 2 of them left and Hp wanted to eat dinner @ cafe Cartel (AGain!) so I ate a brownie while hp ate ribs. argh. we sat there for another 2 hours. I don't think I'll eat in Cafe Cartel again this year.


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