Monday, December 13, 2004


the day was ok. just that i didn't sleep enuff last nite. then. met up with hp @ bishan. it was too crowded. the flood of pple gave me a headache. after walking around for a while, decided to leave. went to his place, took a nap for 2 hours. woke up cos i was too hungry. we ate steamboat at amk central. things feel different. i feel grumpy towards him, easily irritable, while he read his comics while eating. felt a bit left out. it was like when u're out with someone and the person keeps sending messages on his phone like he has alot of people to talk to while u feel neglected. kinda rude right?

anyway. nowadays, nothing much to talk about. when my frens find out i'm going to japan for 18 months, they will ask "who will u miss?" i'll be like, the 61ders, my sisters, the people i see very often, xinhuan.. i think i have learnt to curb the feelings of thinking bout hp too much ever since the incident. given that he would rather i be independent, i seriously think i'll get used to not having him around easily.

i guess ultimately, one can only depend on oneself.

i have learnt that the only way to achieve family harmony is to live apart from them. my mom regrets having us kids as we only seem to be leeches to suck them of their money and to mess up Her House. when i've not actually even taken a single cent from her since i graduated. My dad is afraid i'll hurt his precious car and even in my last month here, refuses to let me drive it despite my licence of almost 3 years. asked them for a supp card in case of any emergency in japan and all they're afraid of is that i'll spend like there's no tomorrow. i seriously hope i'll die in japan and they will regret the things they do for the rest of their lives.


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