Saturday, December 11, 2004

i had a horrible restless sleep last nite.

went to sleep unhappy bout being dua, then woke up to see jon tell me he got diarrhoea and cannot meet me today. haiz. talk about a bad start to a day.

had very weird dreams that the 61ders went on a trip, then everyone left me behind. we were supposed to push a car that had broke down, but suddenly it got going again & they clean forgot bout me. i was trying to run after it but of cos, how to run faster than a car!? and i think we were in SMU campus, where it was uphill. haiz. then we reached some campsite and they all totally ignored me. HELP!!! why am i invisible. then i answered my handphone which was a call from a angry starhub customer. :( handling a dispute call for the rest of my dream. hm.. not really. i dreamt of edwin. he said he was very happy, no more working there le. then he kept giggling bout something but refused to tell me wat it was. DAMN. i hate being in suspense.

so i'm free again today. ARGH.


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