Sunday, December 12, 2004

so now i have a sore left thumb from twirling around the PS directional control too much. can't sms properly.. :(

yupz.. played dynasty warriors the whole day yesterday. Damn frustrating, cos i got stuck at one of the stages in the final act. choosing Liu Bei to fight was a mistake. his weapon maxed out at Lvl 9 was like very weak still. boooo. had to replay that 4 times b4 realising i had to wack the boss b4 his help came. hee hee..

went for dinner with parents and sis. they utilised their one nite free stay at hyatt and we went to the room to see. the TV reception was sucky, the view from the window sucks for a 15th flr room, but the furnishings were quite nice.. the bed was BIG.. the bathroom was beautiful! bah.. aniway, me and my sis decided to come home to let them enjoy their honeymoon.

we walked abit to Tangs and taka and my mom kept complaining her legs were tired. she was the one who initially insisted upon shopping when all we wanted to do was watch tV in the hotel room. so it became her whining and my dad had to find benches for her to sit down while me and my sis continued walking around. man... the streets were crazy last nite.. at 11pm.. it was still so crowded. Were there really so many things to buy?


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