Wednesday, December 15, 2004

went shopping with my mom today for her CNY clothing.. she wants to buy early as i won't be here next year to shop with her.. :S kind of sad huh..

anyway.. walked around bugis , OG.. saw a scarf i wanted to buy cos it looked so gd on me! but its like $30+, i didn't noe scarves were so expensive. in the end didn't buy cos my mom said to wait for a sale.. oh well.. my sis bought sandals and i bought underwear.. in the end my mom didn't buy anything cos there wasn't anything that suited her. most of the clothes that were on display were meant for Christmas anyway. hehe..

watched National Treasure. Its GOOD.. cos i like all the historical facts they mentioned. i like to noe these things. the action was mostly concentrated at the end.. but its a very good movie to bring kids to, very healthy show, only one weird short kiss towards the end and at the end, but should be able to get them interested in finding out USA's history. must must go watch!

just received the email that Japan has approved the visa and we're supposed to go hand in our passport to the Japan Embassy on Friday. haiz. i guess this is it, really going to leave soon le. suddenly feeling very sad. B4 the visa was approved, i didn't really feel like that not much time left, but suddenly everything seems finalised. so many more things i have to do with my frens still! :(


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