Thursday, December 16, 2004

attended first jap lesson by EDB at bunka this morning. it was.. nothing much. mainly the teacher speaking, us speaking with no particular aim. haiz. think i will fail the test at the end of the 5 lessons. and there's homework!!! :(

after that we (3 of us going to Japan) went to the japan eMbassy to take a look @ wat information they had to offer. ended up nothing much there, but there was a heavy downpour and we were stuck in the embassy to chit chat for over an hour. hiakz. but the apts @ Nassim Road was cool. very classy. albeit abit far from the main road. If i was rich (which would mean i have car (s)), i would definitely consider living there.

they have finally told us where we will be staying. Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo. It is about an hour's subway ride from work. !!!! .... so far away. haiz. tot could save on transport fees. :( the city has a population of bout 440000 and is quite near the sea. so meaning the winter will be cold. COLD.. i can imagine myself freezing oredi..

haf set up a calendar to show my schedule upcoming for the rest of the month. keep check there and book early with me if wan to meet up k?


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