Sunday, December 26, 2004

xmas was so-so.

only good thing was dad brought us out for lunch. which was something he hasn't done in a looooong time. always got the feeling he didn't like me. very awkward feeling. he brought us all the way to old airport road to eat kuay chup. but luckily, the stall wasn't open. HENG. had a bad experience b4 eating kuay chup there and getting food poisoning after that. in the end we ate duck kuay chup .. :)

went to grandma's place for dinner. all the relatives were gathered there that day.. it was quite fun except last min hp jio-ed me for movie in amk.. so had to rush off after i been there for oni bout 2 hours. my aunty beckoned me into the room and gave me a present. i was quite shocked. then she gave me a pat on the back and told me to take care of myself in japan. Man... that almost got me cryin again, i was so touched. when i opened the present in the train, it was a authentic Ferragamo wallet. oh my... :S i felt very bad for not staying at my grandma's place longer. in the movie, my sis messaged me to say that some other aunts and uncles & my grandma also gave me a good luck ang bao. *touched..* these are the things i should really cry about right? i felt super guilty too..

moving on.. the movie Kungfu Hustle is sooo funny!! i must admit i was wrong to think that it would be a lame show. but then the last few stephen chow shows were really lame.. this is a much watch! there's nothing much to describe.. cos its mostly kungfu.. many movie spoofs to look out for..

sunday i went to see hp play basketball with his frens. a very boring thing to do. heh.. i was falling asleep. but we went orchard in the afternoon and i found the most wonderful black coat. luckily i didn't buy the mango one at the sale just b4 that. :) will post pics of the beautiful coat soon.. :P


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