Friday, December 24, 2004

xmas sux.

no programs today at all. my mom asked me at dinner why my eyes were puffy. i told her i had been crying. wHY? cos i quarrelled with my jc frens last nite and i cried the whole nite.. realised that i dun mean anything to them at all. decided to skip the class (guys) gathering today since my attendence was redundant.

no one was free at all. in the end, had dinner with my parents & sis. went to jurong west to find out we were a minute too late. my fav fish head curry stall was closing stall. and we had to settle for the fish head curry from the zi cha stall. haiz. was so disappointed i felt like crying. :(

now sitting at home transferrin files to my external hard disk so i can pack it in the luggage. my sisters say its huge.. but i dun really think so.. oh well. can't wait to leave.


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