Thursday, December 30, 2004

This being the second last day of the year, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New YeaR from sunny singapore! been very rainy these past few days though.. hopefully NYE tomorrow will have no rain. next year, i'll be wishing you this from snowy Japan! hehe..

only slightly more than a week to go, final obstacle to the trip is the jap test. i am sooo worried! :S of cos, am trying to study for it, but there are just so many distractions along the way. planning for the trip, shopping for the trip, meeting up friends.. damn..

came home after jap and slept until 8pm.. my head ached & was throbbing very badly. i didn't expect the flu vaccination to have such a huge effect on me. according to my sis, she only felt slight soreness on her arm. darn.

some info for anyone wanting to donate to the tsunami victims, cash donations can be made by calling 1900 112 1226 for a $10 donation. and i saw that peninsula plaza has a collection point for clothing donations too. but that one i'm not too sure cos i only saw a piece of paper that says donations for red Cross.

i've decided to sing this b4 i leave right at the airport and make a fool of myself..
F.I.R.: "Fly away.... 不管留下了多少眼泪 坚持下去的动力还在..."


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