Tuesday, January 04, 2005

have just posted an email out to pple regarding contact details, but not sure who i missed out.. just in case..

Hi pple..

I'll be stationed in Japan for 18 months from 10-Jan-2005 onwards,just wanted to inform my flight and contact details to keep in touch.

My flight will be SQ986, on 9-Jan Sunday nite, terminal 2.. if u'recoming, give me a call k?

I'll also be suspending my starhub line from 10-Jan onwards, but u still can msg me via this number 91722482. Please send me Messages only unless important or urgent.. long distance calls are not cheap... :P thanks!

My address in Japan will be
ZIP CODE 662-0835
Nishinomiya city
Hirakimachi 8-29
CAPCOM Nishinomiya

or written in Japanese:

Its actually near osaka, I definitely welcome letters or parcels with goodies :)

If u have skype, my nick is booboogal. those who dun have.. u can download @
http://www.skype.com/. Of cos I will still be on msn: jocelynkhoo@hotmail.com, won't be on icq (1955142) that much anymore.. will oso be posting up pictures inJapan @ http://www.bbgphotos.blogspot.com/ & updating @http://www.booboogal.blogspot.com/.
If anyone wants me to get anithing for them, just give me ur addressand send me a email or something k?

Guess thats bout all i wan to say.. Love u all.. take care.. will miss u people..

Lots of Love,


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