Monday, January 03, 2005

finally signed the training deed today! i'm finally on my way! jap test over as well.. definitely passed it :P and also got the air ticket! muahahaha!

SQ986 9-Jan Sunday Terminal 2. my flight is that nite after 12..

finally. less than a week to go.

it was obvious that everyone of us in the jap class had lightened an unbearable load after the test. light-hearted expressions all around.. we celebrated by having a long lunch at billy bombers. heh.. very happY! everyone was excited.. discussing wat it would be in Japan, planning wat to bring, how to survive and share stuff.. wee!! finally have the mood of leaving.. but to tell the truth.. am pretty much packed.. alot of the rest of the stuff is like daily things i still be using.. argh.. suddenly that its finally here, i feel like i need more time again. :(


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