Saturday, January 01, 2005

yesterday.. i pampered myself and used up all my facial vouchers. and a thai massage as well. the massage was only so-so. i guess i'm just too uptight to enjoy massages.. but the facial was great.. skin felt silky smooth after that.. wat a great way to end the year..

had dinner with hp then he drove me to meet the 61 guys.. happy birthday YH & Guan! they gave us a kopitiam supper treat.. which was yummy but i was still quite full from dinner to fully enjoy.. after that went to guan's place where we watched World Without Thieves (the andy lau show) .. it was pretty gd. but i can't stand his hair piece. its bout 2 bands of thieves with amazing psychomotor skills pitting themselves against one another on the train to rob this gullible china boy who was really stupid. he went around shouting "Thieves! Thieves! Show yourself!" .... -.-" which thief would step out and answer him? in the end, turns out the train had a bunch of really smart undercover cops too. who outwitted all of them. but... the ending was horrible. :( as in.. it fits but i dun like it. haiz.

after that.. we played Ps2 the whole nite. or at least the guys did. my nose was getting worse, and i felt groggy so when they started playing winning's eleven, i fell asleep.. it was then i truly understood why eugene said the best photos will be in the mind. making fun of one another, making stupid jokes, having fun. these are the memories of the guys that i will always remember..


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