Wednesday, January 05, 2005

met xinhuan today.. her ring is quite nice.. but really big.. kenneth should have known better.. how can a girl have such a large size?? then we spent the whole afternoon chatting and looking at bridal mags, planning her wedding non-specifically.. argh!! i wished i wasn't leaving.. !! it has to be when i am not around that all these things happen! how often does a girl's best fren get married?!

we hung around ikea in Burger King reading mags.. until we tot we wanted to see wedding bands. so we went to orchard.. walked around looking at rings and gowns.. and i bought a 50% off scarf from G2000 . Black.. i think black looks good in winter.. :)

had dinner with edwin & shirley & brendon. chris had some last min interview & couldn't turn up. the whole thing wasn't veri fun cos i guess nothin much to speak to brendon about. after the dinner it was still early but ed chose to have some programs with brendon so it was quite weird for me and shirley to just do nothing. haiz. not wat i had wanted.


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