Saturday, January 08, 2005

today finally received my money from EDB. morning was a big rush of withdrawing money, depositing money and changing money. this last minute business caused me much headache. :S

met hp for lunch in the afternoon at lemonGrass in heeren, surprised him by celebrating his bday for him a month early. exactly a month earlier. his bday is 8-Feb. he asked me how come i celebrating today, i said cos 1 month later i wont be here and i started crying. yes in the restaurant. couldn't help it. man. suddenly its d-day tomorrow. and i really won't see everyone for 1.5 years. the waiters looked curious. i tried to stop crying but couldn't. but at least i managed to do wat i wanted to, surprise hp. hehe. i remember an episode of frens where phoebe suggested a surprise bday party for rachel and chandler said "but its not her bday for another month!" and phoebe said "yah, if u give her a party on her bday, it wouldn't be a surprise rite?!" hehe.. weird logic but very true.

after that joined the starhub pple for some ktv. found out that deyi was my senior in NUS. and i nv see him b4?! he was abit dui2 that i earning so much in this program and he nv see it in the papers. :S ah. sorry bout it... but i will definitely miss u guys. felt veri drowsy after a mug of beer.. coincidentally, met another starhub colleague on the bus and we chatted all the way home.

had dinner with family @ bukit timah, could sense my mom was sad. i was feeling weepy from the afternoon still. and my sis said that my sis and my mom oso shed a few tears in the day. :S after that went NTUC with them to get some last min items, now sitting ard in the company of hp and my sisters zoboing and me packing up. haiz.

i must look ahead!!!...


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