Thursday, January 06, 2005

My favourite movies last year:
1. The Incredibles
2. SpiderMan
3. Bridget Jones' Diary
4. National treasure
5. The Collateral
6. The Terminal
7. Brotherhood
8. Shrek 2
9. The Last Samurai
10. Jeux d'enfants (Love Me iF u Dare)

why why why?
1. It was ReALLY GOOD!! perhaps was sick of adultish cartoons, finally a movie with superheroes and good family values combined into one, and Edna was sooo funny!
2. Cool effects, although Kirsten Dunst was acting quite unnaturally and a little stilted in her acting.
3. I love british comedies, and their accents. and hugh grant. but he really managed to act like a total creep in this show. despite being a hunk. Renee zellweger succeeded in really looking very aunty.. so i guess, very good acting overall
4. Treasure hunts are exciting. especially one so closely related in story to Da Vinci Code. to tell the truth, i haven't watched any treasure hunt movies for quite a while. Very exciting, and i love the snippets of American history they provided in the show.
5. I haven't seen such a cool movie with Tom Cruise since Minority Report. minimal use of effects in this show was able to let him act the psychological manipulator he was supposed to be. A pity he died. i didn't like the ending.
6. True stories are always so heartwarming. But then.. i always preferred mainstream movies. I can't remember the director's name. argh. the E.T. director. his movies are seldom bad. but then Tom Hanks seldom has bad movies.
7. Won Bin... delicious. the movie was soo sad. one of best war movies last year. although it was awfully similar to Saving Private Ryan.
8. An irritating donkey who can't stop talking and full of wisecracks. one of the few movies i watched with the sixoneders this year.
9. Another Tom Cruise movie. The enticing mix of mysterious warrior code of the Samurais and the ignorant caucasians. I love their values of fighting to their death to protect their families and homeland.
10. the Only french movie i watched this year. i think? it was interesting, plotwise and the way they filmed it.


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