Tuesday, January 18, 2005

yay finally internet!

its been a week.. abit late to blog bout last week.. but just started jap lessons, and i'm already swamped with work. miss chicken rice like mad, but getting along well with my fellow trAinees. am sick of japanese food, sick of scrimping and saving and thinking bout every single yen i spend. haiz.

bought a handphone here.. nokia 6630.. its oni S$188! cheap sia.. supposed to be their old stock le... so glad.. singapore's technology realli too backward.. :S but the japanese pple in capcom have been really nice. they held a big welcome party for us.. and there's the stress of having to perform really well. cos they have such high expectations of us. i hope i can meet up to those expectations. now first thing i have to do is study my jap well.. WELL!!!

legs blistered from walking ard in boots all the time. man... the place is too big. :) but enjoying every minute. well.. will upload photos as soon as i can..


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