Friday, January 28, 2005

finally the weekend!!

cant even begin to describe the joy. at being able to stay up late tonite. and wake up late tomolo. yay!

didn't sleep well last nite, hence could barely wake up this morning. i'm getting more irritated with the girl who keeps falling asleep in class. the whole day she keeps nodding off. even when the japs gave us a corporate lecture. wat will they think of us?! tried to get the attention of the girl beside her to wake her up but didn:t manage to catch her eye. in the end, after the thing, i kinda asked how come she slept so obviously and she dared to say she didn't fall asleep at all. -.-" .. even the jap was looking at her. haiz. if she really gets sent back, i would say i tried to warn her. ...

one of the girls went back to singapore today. her mom was in critical condition due to cancer and might pass away. when we heard the news, the mood became very sombre. she was pretty much the sunshine in class. very cute and always made us laugh with her questions and actions. it was kinda quiet without her. hope she's ok..

looking forward to my mom's maggi mee and canned food parcel. it might not be the best things to eat, but i miss spicy food ALOT. have decided on a study strategy for japanese. have to get a TV by sunday. and will try to read more jap books. magazines, anithing. even tv guides since they actually interest me the most hehe.. with pictures of takizawa in front promoting his new drama series.. going to start on monday.. i must catch it! and oso get a library card after i get my Alien card. such a big library near my place, i must definitely be a hardworking girl. :)


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