Friday, January 21, 2005

busy day today.

finally deposited some money in my japanese bank account. i have an account with sumitomo mitsui bank here.. they only need a hundred yen for opening a bank account.. which was really nice.. deposited bout a hundred thousand yen today.. thats only about S$1500 actually. then went to mizuho bank to pay rent. the banks are dumb. they charge 100yen commission for every stupid transaction. :(

after that, Kana-san brought us to Kyoto for a site visit of Capcom's arcade centre. trends are totally diff in japan. pple love the UFO machines, token machines and pachinkos. we still can't figure out where the fun in pachinko is. waste of money totally. but at least we got to see the operations and to take a neoprint for free :P
it was fun & we managed to get some toys from the UFO catchers.. but they really are a waste of money..

we had tot that we would have time to tour round kyoto after the site visit.. but turns out we had no time.. in the end we just wandered about the shopping complex (diamond city) for another hour or so b4 heading back to the dorm. at least now we noe how to go, we'll definitely be back soon.


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