Tuesday, January 25, 2005

haven blogged cos laptop was down. yah.. kena-ed some virus. very sickening. can:t even reboot. after i reinstalled windows, i couldn:t go online. decided to backup my stuff after i managed to access my files again b4 it could die on me again. after all.. its been my faithful laptop for bout 4years plus le... definitely have feelings for it..

so i went down to yodobashi camera in osaka to take a look and found a gem of a laptop.. sony Vaio VGN-Y70P for oni bout S$2445. one of the cheapest laptops there by the way.. pentium 4 pcs/laptops are scarce in japan, and when u can find any, its usually expensive. this one was a new model and oni weighed 1.69kG. maybe its a blessing in disguise that my laptop conked out..aniway.. yodobashi has this really great system of pointback, 1pt for 1yen. can be used for future purchases hence my laptop actually only cost (169800-16980)Yen :) yay!

aniway.. am rushing jap hw now.. blog again soon.. oh.. and my shoes dieded on my too.. my only pair of comfy shoes btw.. so had to buy a new pair of court shoes as well.. the walking ard is killing my feet and my back. :(


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