Sunday, January 30, 2005

today... cleared up my assignments finally.. and bought a canon pixus 1500 printer.. and a transformer.. the Ps2 can play le"!! so happy!! hehe.. and of cos the printer works.. the printers here are so ex.. i bought the cheapest one there and it was $150. :S

bought a lot of manga from a place in Nippombashi.. new ones, from tsutaya. of cos its in japanese.. part of my plan to learn from reading.. just like english.. :p bought the series Negi, the first 4 books at least.. its from the same author as Love Hina.. かわいいですね!heh.. that was kawaii.. and another series from sqsoft-enix so basically the characters look like ff9 characters.. drawn really well. haven started on that.. but have read Negi the first book and its really funny. its bout a 10 year old english little magician teaching english in Japan. everytime he sneezed, the girls' uniforms flew apart and they would be standing there in their underwear looking horrified. :p heh..

so it was pretty much a good outing to Yodobashi camera once again. bought lotsa snacks and coke again. mmmmm.. can't wait for the rations to arrive!!


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