Tuesday, February 01, 2005


yes, today saw the first snow in my life. walked out of the apartment to see my fren kicking at something white on the ground. toook me a while to realise it snowed in the night. ARgh! Tot i had missed it for good. was pretty disappointed on the train, saw some fields covered in white. it was beautiful to see geraniums covered with white.

after lunch, was in the building when saw some things floating past the window outside. WOAH! wind was super strong and snow was flying (dropping?) from the sky. it was quite beautiful except it lasted for only bout 5 min.

on the way home. it was freezing. cos of the freaking strong winds, first time i actually felt real fear that my ears and nose were going to fall off. eyes couldn\t even open. had to choose today to wear a skirt. couldnt feel my legs when i finally reached the apmt. dunno how i managed to walk (half ran) in boots and the cold.

i hope it snows tonite. i definitely won't miss it again.


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