Wednesday, February 09, 2005

yikes. my feet are almost dropping off my legs again. i can:t believe i walked from JR osaka to my apt. its at least 2 km away. in 2-inch high boots. all becos we went to collect our alien card (our japanese ID card) straight after work. ARGH. the city hall is so inaccesible.

私はPSPを買いました!have finally got my PSP! bought the capcom game vampire chronicles, its very fun! (no, we dun get capcom games free, its really sad) .. the screen is beautiful. and colourful.

was feeling quite down today i dunno why. restless feeling all day, felt very lost and distracted. homesick? i dunno. just that i feel that i'm wasting my time all day. and that its the new year. and we have no holiday? haiz. maybe i just need more sleep.


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