Sunday, March 06, 2005

had a good dinner of pasta and pizza last night.

yup, still in japan.

finally sat's jap lessons had ended and we were wandering the streets of Umeda trying to find some buffet to eat. some affordable buffet i mean. finally when we were almost fainting from hunger (@6.30pm) when we chanced upon a chinese Restaurant which had buffet of bout 70 dishes at bout $30. (thats the cheapest we've seen!) so we went in, happily told the waiter there were 5 of us and he said okie, u can begin ur dinner at 8.15pm. !!! wait 2 hours to begin eating!? we walked out and wandered abit more and saw a realli cheap pizza place. had to wait around for seatss and finally we managed to join like 8 tables in the non-smoking area to begin eating. perhaps it was cos i was really hungry, the pasta (bolognaise sauce) tasted wonderful. in total, i bought a pasta set with drinks and fries and a pizza for 1300Yen.

it was great. we sat there talking on gross topics after dinner, got to know all of us alot better, talked about family, our grouches with the japanese (shh..), our animals, and we managed to explain PMS and this guy was giving us advice to reduce cramps by drinking camomile tea. erm.. cos his gf does that. aniway, we laughed until our sides ached and the table opposite us found us so noisy they switched tables. it really wasn'T our fault, they were trying to SLEEP in the place. SLEEP in a fast food restaurant?! they must be nuts... after 2 hours.. finally we got off our butts, back to the aptment to play playstation and chat and drink asahi.

i enjoyed myself so much!!


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