Friday, February 25, 2005

aching feet. boots are cool looking but they kill feet. bootmakers are evil!

ate bento for lunch today. running out of things to eat. haiz. food is so ex.. a decent meal costs bout ¥1000 and thats only decent, not good. thats like S$16! freak sia.. take cab from like orchard to bukit timah (osaka to my place) costs bout ¥6000! ... and i see the homeless people on the streets i feel terrible for them. and i feel ashamed of myself for complaining when i have a place to sleep in and clothes against the cold. but if their own country doesn't help them, wat can i do??

getting sick of japanese classes. esp nowadays, we just waste time every day toking some rubbish to keep the teacher occupied and just to make the time go faster. argh. another 6 hours tomolo. can't wait. yah, rite.


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