Friday, March 04, 2005

pantyhose. so common in japan. haiz. i hate it. waste so much time trying to wear it this morning cos i wanted to wear a skirt to work. else my feet might be cold. i was sick of wearing pants. it was a big mistake. their pantyhose was small (prolly to maintain its stretch?) and i had to keep pulling upwards slowly to avoid getting a run with my fingernails. it did keep me warm in the office. but once outside, today had to be exceptionally windy (and cold). everytime i wear the skirt. (i see the pattern!) shivered the whole way home. i hate having to walk down to the laundry room cos its out of the main building. WHY!? why not the guys' laundry room there?! theirs is conveiniently located next to the elevator, while we always to to waddle with our humongous pile of clothes and try to open the door to go outside. From the outside, we have to open the door with the key turned and then turn the handle at the same time to open the door while holding the clothes. u get my point?


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