Tuesday, March 01, 2005


did not realise it's been 3 days. I'm losing track of days, each day passing really fast with half a day of lessons and half a day of work. after wasting time in the morning at lessons, we go for lunch. and then after lunch, an hour is spent reading the papers, doing newspaper cuttings (they ordered me to do it!!) and another hour pottering around trying to read some reports, then waste some time composing some emails, and discussing some stuff with Kana-san, and before i know it, it's 4pm. toilet break, etc.. then come back and surf the web for game industry news and then some misc job of translation and correspondence and suddenly the bell rings and its 5.30pm.

and this passes everyday and b4 i noe it, i've been here for almost 2 months. meaning that b4 i noe it, I'll be back. Its still freaking cold though. i can't bear it anymore...

welcome party and major meeting with overseas subsidiaries tomorrow. my first major meeting! of cos I'm only sitting in, but its good enuff, my first real meeting and I'm pretty excited. after work, more accting to teach /explain to Kana-san and then dinner with them (their treat) at a Korean restaurant.. hope its good!


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