Sunday, March 27, 2005

today had a great day..

need to thank Tanaka-san and Inoda-san for this wonderful day.

i had asked tanaka-san wat was fun in Kobe and he took the effort to plan a whole day to drive us around and show us around as well. with inoda-san.
in tanaka-san's car

a very well-planned day..
went to the Onsen in the morning.. it was a culture shock. everyone stark naked walking around. of cos males and female separated. my god, have never seen so many saggy breasts and pubic hair in my whole life. arGH, was so embarrassed that i had to strip too. in front of a colleague. very very weird feeling. but the onsen was veri hot. with high iron content, our skin was very smooth after an hour's soak. great experience.

the source of all steam for the onsen

after that, tanaka-san drove us to Roko San (mount Roco). disgustingly high, with horrendously winding roads that made me feel nauseaus after the drive. i think we were bout 600m above ground. at least.

but the view... breathtaking.

could see nearly the whole of Kansai, even osaka, from the mountain.
the vast Kansai

after that, we went to a mini animal farm and it was like a petting zoo.. full of shit on the ground and animals every where. but it was cool. the farm-zoo was high up on the mountain and we could see great views every where. strolling in the cool weather to look at animals was pretty good.

it was off to Kitano to take a walk in a colonial area but unfortunately, the place was closed, we just missed the opening hours. too bad.. but we took a stroll around the area and saw a teddy bear museum and lotsa dogs.

went to Harbourland to have dinner and to see a wonderful sea view of the whole area. we had a Korean buffet and it was delicious. got to tok to Tanaka-san and Inoda-san more and sort of got to noe them better. think the ice broke more and at least we made appt to go see movie again soon. Howl's Moving Castle. yay!

fresh milk ice cream mania

have to work again tomorrow. yucks.


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