Thursday, April 07, 2005

almost friday!

my blog seems to be centering around how it is going to be friday soon.

its been almost 3 months since I've been in Japan. haven't seemed to have done anything much, except i can survive in Japan le i think. I still can't speak fluently, cos business vocab is not wat i know.. although i can do survival japanese, in the office, all the technical terms are friving me crazy. but.. learning some words everyday..

not much communication btw singapore and me, except with my family sometimes on skype. quite nice to hear their voices, and it really is true, that i can only achieve harmony with my parents if i dun live at home. haiz. when i go back, perhaps i can buy a car or something. then have my own independence, dun have to ask them anymore.

well.. back to work... sighz. the canteen food made me feel nauseaus and i cant think very well now.


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