Wednesday, April 13, 2005

another morning b4 work begins. sipping a packet of lipton milk tea (cold), bought it from 7-11. convenient form of early morning caffeine, with a taste i like best, sweet and more milky with just a tinge of tea flavour.. they should name it tea milk instead. have tried other flavours of the range of teas, apple, lemon, but none are as good as the original milk tea.

The office is still quite empty despite the morning bell having rang. yes, there's a bell here (just like sch) to indicate the beginning of working hours. and at the end of the work day as well. however, the end work bell doesn't signify the end of hte work day for almost everyone, it just means the freedom to chat in the office, do your own things on the comp and walk around more freely.

today's list of things to do.. i think i have 2 meetings to attend, but since my senior has left, i dun think so.. at least I know what reports I have on hand, and my deadlines for them. thankfully, my bosses are all at meetings. the eye candy of the office has been at a meeting since 8am (b4 i even left the apt), n will be at meetings most of the day. ( i checked his schedule so i noe.. i am sooo cut out to be a stalker.. :p) am i supposed to go out to dinner today? i have no idea. have to save money.. actually it isn't so bad eating at home, i add veges and sotong and mushrooms to my tom yam maggi mee and the noodles turn out great. very healthy i would say.

lunch at the canteen sux. and its not cheap. and the portion they give is pathetically little. how am i supposed to survive on a small bowl of rice that costs a dollar? i have no idea. used to be able to read the STInteractive at work, but not anymore. Because i didn't pay for the subscription! i am now forced to read the New Paper online instead. and the New York Times. so US news and tabloids are all that I'm aware of. and game news of cos. "being aware of industry and competitors actions" is wat I7m doing when surfing the net for game news. I Love it! hahah....

back to work. have a good day everyone..!


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