Thursday, April 14, 2005

lunch just finished. today has been more constructive. i dunno if i should feel reassured after yesterday.. i guess i do.

have been reassessing the future. how long distance relationships will work out, whether they will work out at all. i was clearly right that we would drift apart considering the amount of time we had spent together even before i left. haiz. its so easy to feel lonely here without any frens around. and to seek comfort in others. BUT... have found solace in cooking my own maggi mee meals and PS2 games. have no choice but to buy PS2 games that are original. (strangle me, someone). but of cos, only those at a bargain. the reduced price software only costs about S$20. have about 3 PS2 original games and 3 PSP games now i think? big hole in the pocket but then, i do work in a game company.

need some air. can't wait for golden week. should I head to any foreign countries at all? thinking of going to Paris for a week. already have in mind some destinations. like the Louvre, Disneyland, Eiffel tower, notre dame, st sulpice.. love those historic places and museums. or maybe LA. or maybe Korea. going back to Singapore actually costs the same as going to these places if not more. so why not?

difficult decisions. do i have the courage to go sightsee alone?


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