Tuesday, April 19, 2005


yesterday's japanese post was uncalled for.. pls forgive me..

anyway, it meant that i went to a cherry blossom viewing 〔お花見) at the mint. it was really really beautiful. there are like tons of different species of sakura, and different colours like yellow, white, pink, reddish pink etc. amazing. it was obviously a tourist spot, with announcement in english, chinese and japanese. pity it was a little too dark. my camera didn't capture the images all that well. was lazy to upload the photos, will do it soon.

now's lunch again. think i'll post everyday diligently during lunch. else when i get home i dun even feel like switching on my PC. have discovered that amazon.co.jp is the best japanese book store. the cheapest. ipod costs ¥35000 when the normal price outside is ¥38800. hmm . a difference of ¥3800 which is about $60. even the books are cheaper than kino by at least ¥500. woohoo! free delivery for purchases above ¥1500. easily done. one book costs bout that price anyway.

have begun answering phone calls on my desk. a little scary, i always can't quite catch the caller's name. it would always go like this:

"hai! Jocelyn desu"
Jocelyn speaking..

"XXX desu.. A-san onegaishimasu"
I'm ____ . (huh????) A-san please..

ok who called? looking for A san? how do I ask him to repeat his name?!

" .................... Hai. o shyoushyou machi kudaisai"
long pause while i panic and i tell him to wait

while i transfer the call to A-san and looking apolegetic that i can't tell her who called.
how very embarrassing.


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