Thursday, April 21, 2005

a theory that's been going round my head.

everyone needs to feel needed.
without that need, there would be no relationships and no friendship and no human links to one another.

without feeling needed, you will feel redundant. & when you feel redundant, its natural that you will seek someone who needs you. if you need the someone back, then its a perfect fit. but when u realise you dun need that person anymore, you should look for someone u need. was the need originally there? or does it develop over time? after having a person's company for a while and the person disappears, and you miss the person, does that mean you need him or her?

the most basic need stems from loneliness i guess; u need someone's constant company. ( i will admit i am totally in need of companionship) i can die, but i can't stand to be alone. alone as in totally alone. give me a book for company and i'm fine, but without even a book, I can't eat alone.
second need comes from feeling like you don't exist; and u need some one's constant attention to reassure yourself that you are not invisible.

just a tot. wat a relief to have spouted that out.


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