Friday, April 29, 2005

mm. yesterday was great .. in the sense that finalli the beginning of the LONG break. hee hee.

but the end of the day was not. had some quarrel. realli pissed off. but i guess u really see some people's true colours.

today.. collected a phone for my yahoo bb. cordless looks quite cool. and bought a pair of high heels. veri pretty! about 7cm high, but surprisingly i walked ard ok in them. my plan is working.. i'm aiming to be able to wear like 12 cm heels at the end of 1.5 years. :P

walked around the shopping mall and it was quite fun looking for heels. a little crowded and the sega arcade smells of pee. seriously. gross. had yakiniku(grrilled meat) for dinner. oishii! lunch.. i ate chinese food. hongkong food? which tasted japanese . weird. but it looks quite authentic. ate crepes in the late afternoon, had strawberry and chocolate soft cream (yoghurt ice cream) early afternoon. hmm. yupz.


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