Sunday, April 24, 2005

I'm the stupidest, most idiotic bugger in the world.

I forgot to bring my camera to the Aichi愛知 World Expo.


oh wait. my phone has a camera too right?

you think the stupidest, most idiotic bugger in the world will remember to bring her phone too?

yah, i actually managed to forget BOTH my phone and my camera.


well. maybe other pple brought cameras. they did, only that it was on their handphone. haizzzzzzzzzzz.

ok, i shall stop lamenting. it was my own fault i woke up late and had to run out in a rush to avoid missing the bus to aichi. my own fault that i didnt pack my bag the night b4 too. sighz.

the world EXPO was GrEAT! k.. not that wonderful.. but it was great cos i got to eat Singapore food!! woohoO!! chicken rice finally, and laksa. its a wonderful feeling to hear pple speak singlish, to be speaking hokkien, mandarin and the mix again. i was almost crying with joy when i got my first taste of chicken rice after so long. and laksa. the chicken rice was wonderful. really like that kind of yangyi sushi anime where people eat his food can see all sorts of colours cos its so good. well, that prolly happened cos i missed the food so much. yummy!!! Laksa could be better.. but mai hiam buay pai. ahh. was in heaven the whole of saturday. first booth i pia to was Singapore booth.

after the hour of homesickness and feeling proud of the food, went into the singapore booth. it was cool. artificial rain in the midst of a show for t feel of singapore (it actually even smelled like real rain, ahhhh.. how much i miss the country) and then a walkthru OTOT to see see cultures and orchids and merlion (the japanese are crazy over that) and food vids of hawker centres and even videos of zouk and other nite places. ARGGH.

made me feel like crying.

anyway, after that, walked to some other southeastasian booths, not so well done (national pride heh)and realised the asian booths emphasised on food. the european booths were too crowded so after 5 then walked into france (which was a boring booth) too abstract and too creative vid that i dun think the japs got. i tot it was quite cool, but more than a few heads were nodding off (it was too long.)artistic, dance, great cid clips. very french.

holland was the best. a video presented in a square format and and screened a lake on the ground and made the video at the top join to the ground to make it look like we were seated around a realistic pond. WOW. i couldn't speak after that, it was so overwhelmingly breathtaking. did you know miffy (the rabbit with the X for the mouth was from Holland??) visited some other European countries' booths, mainly wide video presentations with exhibits done creatively in their countries' cultures and famous icons. belgium did a gigantic mural of the famous paintings from the country. and they were joined up as a single painting. almost seamlessly. ceiling to ground. bought tin-tin files to use .. TIN TIN from belgium. hehe..

hmm.. other points of interest, korean performance gd, mammoth exhibit good.
will detail blog tomorrow.


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