Friday, May 06, 2005

read this funny conversation

girl toking to bf

girl: you're crazy!
boy: really? you think so? then why do u like me?
girl: because I'm stupid.. :p


now.. some really backdated photos.. of Aichi world expo.. finally managed to get it from fren's handphone.

in the ferris wheel at the Aichi World Expo on 24-April. this was taken using a 2MP camera phone!

chicken rice !!

laksa!! i'm sure its clear how happy i was.. :p

outside the singapore booth after all the food (feeling very patriotic)

right at home with the orchids

wahaha.. I'm sure u're going "wtf, why show me all the singapore picts!?"
.. i miss home can? its really true that only when you are living overseas then u realise how we have it good as singaporeans.

low living prices, high living standards, everything govt do for u, no fear of natural disasters, great transportation system and of cos the best part is the food. more picts when i feel like uploading next time! :)

last but not least, the 2 mascots of the World Expo this year.. Morrizo and Kicorro (in their respective orders and they're atually green btw.)


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