Sunday, May 08, 2005

had dinner with a colleague and his frens last nite. they are all japanese. its quite interesting to see how frens gather in Japan. (or how japanese pple have gatherings?)

his frens were married and had kids already and the kids are quite spoilt. in the sense with toys and stuff, and they have no respect for adults (or guests) but when the parents are fierce, they are pretty obedient. maybe its just cos they are really familiar with one another but i couldn't help thinking its a little rude that they play grabbing the crotch games (with the own adults thankfully while i sat there and tried not to look shocked) and handle their toys so roughly. i even got hit by a toy in the face and the dad apologised and the kid started crying after being chided. his dad didn't even raise his voice at him. ... i felt bad but hey, who told u to throw a toy in my face?

but anyway, all in all, the hostess was busy preparing food the whole evening, i felt guilty that we just sat there and ate. the japanese wife being homebodies really showed there. and i kept asking if she wanted to eat and join us, but she just stayed in the kitchen cooking and cooking until all the food was nearly gone. poor thing. and when we left, it was almost midnite and the house was in a big mess with toys all over the place and dirty dishes stacked sky high. argh, i dunno how she can stand it.

but it was fun overall. the food was good, we had tea in cups and saucers and conversation was interesting and funny. enjoyed myself immensely. :)


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