Wednesday, May 11, 2005

have been cooking my own dinners since i bought a fridge. i can buy like 1000 yen worth of meat and vege and seafood and that lasts me for at least 4 dinners. cool huh. and i can cook a soup and a vege each meal too. veri economical. :) veri happy about that.. think I'm going to cook my own lunch and bring it too.. today's work was damn boring and tedious. the stupid woman keep asking me whether i got compare le data or not i was like no la, still looking for the stupid year all the games were released. damn off. wasting my time away in the office basicalli. i wished they would let me learn how to analyse b4 asking me to analyse. wats the point of wasting time? even ryo thinks the work I'm doing now is meaningless. i need to know how to b4 they keep throwing me work and asking me to think of ways to do it. and then after that keep saying thats not wat they want. these people are damn inefficient.


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