Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ate a homecooked lunch at my desk alone. the day i choose to stay in the office to eat, everyone else leaves. very lonely here to tell the truth. the other singaporeans are not appreciative of me handling their stupid admin probs and question me on this and that, think i steal their money or wat. use ur brains can>? i steal ur money for wat?! veri pissed off with them. should have cooked more, now I'm feeling even more hungry than b4. although i enjoyed my own food alot. i actually managed to fry vegetables all by myself! haha.. was thinking of how mom did it at home and i jsut anihow pour this pour that add abit of salt and sesame oil and chilli all and it turned out great ! but.. yah i need to cook more of the rice. the rice here is a dilemma, diff to make it dryer or else the proportion too little. never mind.. more training for me bah.. :p


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