Thursday, May 19, 2005

had chicken rice for dinner last nite! and bak kut teh! WAHAHAHAHA...

in heaven last night after sourcing for a singapore food little restaurant in Roppongi hills area last night (tokyo). went with Maya and Kanako, both of them has been taking care of me in the office so i treated them to dinner (singapore food, how apt).. :) :) :)

it was not bad.. everything quite authentic.. price was a rip off compared to singapore, 900Yen per plate. but since its in japan and i do miss the food so much, i shouldn't complain. in case any other singaporean in Japan wants to know where it is: hainanese Chicken rice Canteen..

its always full house.. reservations are a must.. :)

osaka sells curry fish head too apparently.. in Shinsaibashi..

then had tiger beer to drink so after that was a little tipsy.. hehe..
and during dinner they managed to guess my secret.. so apparently, we were not as sneaky as we had thought. argh. hopefully they keep quiet...

went to see the toKyo Tower after dinner... it was beautiful. cos we were on the top a hilly area.. it was really beautiful with its hues of orange and red.

going to Akihabara 秋葉原 today.. the electronics city.. and maybe Shibuya 渋谷.. depends on wat time we end work bah.. but anbyway.. will only upload the pics after i get back..


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